Jasmeet Singh Panesar

Write it – Make It – Create It





– Aspiring filmmaker, photographer and journalist at WriteMake Creations – 


Growing up watching films and seeing actors and actresses as well as directors with life changing and inspiring story lines, Jasmeet knew that he wanted to be doing similar things if not the same. Being inspired by many movies all his life, he feels that storytelling is a way forward in life especially if you have struggled in your childhood. Storytelling is a form that needs creativity to help audiences understand what you are trying to state and prove. So filmmaking has become a priority for Jasmeet who still till this date is trying to pursue his passion for it. As well as filmmaking, he maintains a wide interest in media and promotional work by doing PR. Working as a journalist in London, Jasmeet has met and interviewed top Bollywood A-listers whom are actors, writers, producers and directors. He loves doing what he does and only hopes to be forcing his face and name in to a full time job for the future.

With a passion for filmmaking and script writing, Jasmeet’s aim is to declare his interests and abilities in other creative activities. On his blog page he shall be publishing anything and everything that he loves. On this WriteMake Creations blog, he shall be blogging interviews and meet and greets with celebrities and other talented creative individuals. He intend to start his own company as an official future PR and Media company, but for now the start is to blog about all the media related topics that he has access to and gained throughout his experience in the media working life.

In college he studied Media, Photography, Graphics and Textiles and this is really where his love for filmmaking began. Having went on to university to obtain a BA degree in Film & Television Studies. Till this present moment Jasmeet carries on gaining work experience by working on film and media productions as well as continuing to do his own short film productions at WriteMake Creations.

With valuable experience so far, Jasmeet has worked in several Bollywood movies as a extra and as a production assistant. Main and biggest production assisting opportunity he has gained has been working on the sets of Jab Tak Hai Jaan in London. His first acting experience on a Bollywood film was for the movie titled Tezz with on screen presence with Anil Kapoor in a garage scene. Since then he has worked on many more and intends to complete his first feature film script that he is writing and make his Punjabi feature film.


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