MERI PYAARI BINDU directed by Akshay Roy, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Parineeti Chopra in the lead roles. This story is constructed around a writer named Abhimanyu facing a writer’s block as he seeks new challenge with his writing career. His love, his interest and the reason behind his writer’s block is Bindu who is free spirited and living life on her own terms. They meet, united, departed, reunited, had altercations, but what does Abhimanyu need to break the shackles on his writer’s block and will Bindu change her mentality of being on her own terms and settling down?


  • The onscreen pairing is pleasant, the actors are suited with each other’s company and manage to put on a striking show with their roles. Their characters are fitting and these actors do fairness to these roles with excellent showing of performances. Bindu played by Parineeti Chopra, is the bright spark to this movie, she brings in that energy, vibrant and care-free persona, it is contrasting to what Abhimanyu played by Ayushmann Khurrana brings in. He is reserved, expressive and emotional individual, hence his career path as a writer where he seeks out meaning for certain things which is Bindu. They looked fantastic together and you end up loving them, their interactions are pleasant and thought-provoking. Whenever they come together, they are childish, silly, yet sweet and loveable.
  • The music is exceptionally worthy, the retro inputs as well as modern romance, the music was perfectly incorporated within the screenplay. It gels and does not seem as a distraction or out of place with the viewing experience of the movie. Looking at cassette tapes, typewriter and recorders, props from the older lifestyles was eye-catching to watch. It added more realism to the narrative, it was nice to see something from the past and that is portrayed decently and that became attention-grabbing as a solid inclusion with the story theme that transpires.
  • Meri Pyaari Bindu, tries to convey a meaningful message that is hidden deeper than what was visually showcased. It may not be implemented perfectly but it is evident and that is wonderful to see. This is incorporated in to Abhimanyu’s writing aspects, yet utilising an emotional aspect in life to help kick start his career all over again was decent to witness and that element of the film stood out the most.


  • The biggest let down will have to be the execution of the writing. The concept is fascinating but the distribution of this on screen falls short from what was anticipated. There were times in the film where the emotions were placed but it never escalated, it needed more of an impact. It felt lazy and lack of effort at times. The idea is different and worthy, as we go in to the glimpses of a writer and his story. There needed to be so much more imagination with it but it was showcased as basic and no real drama behind it. If it wasn’t for the actors then this would have been a terrible production.
  • The film is lengthy with no real improvement of drifting the film from a lengthy present to the past and repeating this very perspective. Shifting from present to past and have a reoccurrence of that theme throughout, at times it made the film seem scattered all over the place and never really did justice. The build-up was there but the delivery in the closure of those scenes felt below par and not dramatic enough.


  • AYUSHMANN KHURRANA – His character has little room for development, as a writer he is the thoughtful one, shares his stories, shows his struggle and that dictates the platform for his co-star to expose her acting credentials. Ayushmann nevertheless still clutches his minimal character and exploits it as much as possible. There are times when he lures the viewers’ attention. He is able to charm on screen and he adds the romance angle to the concept. He grasps the screen with the scenes where emotions are high and he managed to portray great acting here.
  • PARINEETI CHOPRA – Very bubbly and energetic, she charms with her charisma, beautiful and she never fails to nurture the scenes either with a low entry or a high-pitched tone with her presence. She adapts well and that made her role a noteworthy one because her character develops with a variety of emotions, she is a mix bag with a good ability to change and set the mood on the scenes. 


Overall, we rate Meri Pyaari Bindu 2.5/5. The story had potential, with sights of the retro and older generation times through the themes, props and set ups, it was looking like a realistic film until the execution with the script failed to leave a substantial bearing to the audience. Collectively as a package the film just does not hit the right chords to the tune it was trying to portray. There are moments to cherish in the film, the actors do justice to a film that seems to have little scope with. Yet what can be taken away from it is that the story tries to dictate meaning through the music, the expressions, emotions and dialogues are the standout along with the actors. But one would have hoped for a better screenplay to a concept that seemed likeable from the promos. Watch Meri Pyaari Bindu with little high hopes, that way you will enjoy the performances and glimpses of the retro theme which looked well crafted.