NOOR is directed by Sunhil Sippy, starring Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar and Purab Kohli in the lead roles. A journalist seeking realistic and serious topics to produce, yet her boss and company push her towards the showbiz sector for which she has little motivation and interests for. Her life is not that entertaining either, weight issues, love problems and socialising issues too. Will this journalist find the story to trigger her passion and change her lifestyle around?


  • What appeals the most from this film is the story concept situated around a journalist. This is what lured me into wanting to watch Noor the film. But the trailer gives away what is evident with where this story is heading towards. Yet the writers have ensured that Noor’s character gels with the audience in regards to her dilemmas. Comedy moments with relatable scenarios and just putting this struggling individual into a complete mess. The film keeps you tagging along with the drama. Despite some dark moments notably what brings a change to the film, it is the lifestyle and struggles of Noor that entices. The film touches upon the right elements of being a journalist and that resonates to me as a viewer, peaking into what her career is like facing stories and topics every day.
  • The screenplay is written well with a combination of comedy and seriousness, it isn’t perfect though, just decent enough to consider watching. What works better are the likeable dialogues that are straight to the point and effectives. The performances do not let you down especially with Noor. Sonakshi Sinha plays the character of Noor who is the main core of this film and she delivers a worthy performance to keep the attention of the viewer locked to the movie. The co-stars do not disappoint either, each of the cast put in a decent try.


  • Like many movies, the writing seems to let the film down to a certain extent. As the first half showcases the life and struggle, just before the second half is where the serious moments unfolds. The tension rises but the writing fails to leave an impacting presence on screen. The continuity of the screenwriting derails and that leaves a damper on a pre-interval that was somewhat written much better.
  • There are scenes in the second half that makes the viewer turn into a thinker and question what just happened. Without revealing a certain scene, ideally related to travelling. It makes you question how was that even possible? The film has its flaws but mostly with the writing elements where the writers fail to clinch on to what starts off steady and decent. Also with such career path initiating such demand and commitment, the mentality of a character is really poor and judgemental in questioning a companies and a bosses mission with the agency, yet a boss allows her to come back to the news agency and continue working despite walking away after arguing? Apart from the journalist aspects, the unravelling of certain story in the film is less convincing, not so dramatic enough and seems like a walk in the park for the character, the writers needed to add way more obstacles to make it a tough grapple for Noor, yet it seemed too easy and that lets down the movie because it was way too predictable too as well. This story that Noor breaks out, she was given warning of the consequences but Noor does not face any threat, well even the ones she did, those intimidations did not turn out to make the viewers jump in their seats.
  • Just to add more to the negatives, every story has two sides to it. As a journalist, you create a case and research on both parties involved, each member involved, take a response from both sides or furthermore some pivotal evidence such as photographs and records to capture those accused. This film only takes evidence from those putting claims, in the real world would that be enough to arrest and shut down a doctor? Not convincing enough for me at all.


  • SONAKSHI SINHA – She is a delight to watch, less glamourous with a working mind-set. Despite her struggles and tantrums, she never gives up on trying things to achieve a new change and making a difference to her lifestyle for the better. Solid performance and portrayed a variety of emotions throughout the film. Especially when the film becomes more serious, she never takes a step back and continues to shine with her acting and adding an intense presentation. Her on screen character look also fits in nicely with her personality and her emotions gel together perfectly.
  • PURAB KOHLI – He gets a good chunk in the film to express his photographer persona, he charms with Sonakshi on screen and works well with her when together. Yet when he brings the darkness to the story it allows Sonakshi to exploit this opportunity and shine on screen so credit to Purab’s character too for giving the film a bit more of a push.
  • SHIBANI DANDEKAR – Given the lesser screen time but she does enough to add prominence, becomes the anchor in adding the suspense further.
  • KANAN GILL – A supporting act, brings out a bit of childish behaviour from Sonakshi, but his character does not develop and remains constantly the same. He is good in parts but needed more of an control especially in the second half when things have turned stressful.


Overall, I would rate NOOR 2/5. A film that looked promising, potential and needed to be scripted with all the right elements associated with a journalist. It does miss a few hits through the journey of producing a career changing story for the journalist. With a few flaws and disappointments of what starts off well with its light-hearted concepts and realistic scenarios, the film shifts from a good start to a bad one. It has many things to cherish but also several things to question and makes you wish they had been neglected. The dialogues are good and the performances are a standout. It is a good watch but a one-timer for me personally as I wish they had made it slightly more better than what it was. Less lengthy and more dramatic elements in the writing aspects would have made it more pleasing.