TRAPPED is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and it stars Rajkummar Rao and Geetanjali Thapa in the lead roles.

Trapped Poster 2


  • When you have such a brilliant actor on screen, an idea of being confined needs to be portrayed with intensity and expressions need to represent the suffering one faces. Rajkummar Rao has delivered a solid performance and it needs to be applauded. Never once do you feel he has over done it in a scene, he seems natural and acting as if it is actually transpiring in reality. He keeps you attached to his suffocations, his struggle and inability to find a way out.
  • The suspense is created with fine camera shots and colour grading as well as the supported background scoring which never fails. The shots incorporated, kept building the tension to this man’s attempts of escapism. The director conveys shots that enable the narrative to seem true-to-life. The use of a dark look does justice to the acting on screen, it builds a sense of anguish and losing hope. The background score helps to add more thrill to it collectively and that makes the attention stuck to the screen.
  • As for the script and directional efforts, the team have done exceptionally well to utilise what was available. The reduced resources and props, limited space, it was adjusted with perfectly. Director Vikramaditya never allowed the audience to feel a sense of freedom or space. The claustrophobic surrounding gives full effect on Rajkummar’s character of being surrounded with no route of escaping. The cinematography is implemented nicely and sharp, very informative and does fairness in showing what a character like Rao would be feeling.


  • The loopholes are scattered in the script, notably the most questionable thought comes prior to being Trapped. No matter how desperate one is for a new flat, surely more research and in-depth observation would have been implied? Or at least stock up, whether it is water or food, extra supplies would be kept despite knowing there is no water or electricity.
  • The film was crying out for some more creative shots for example POV shots (Point of view). More of these shots would have added more tension and fright as it would allow the audience to walk in the shoes of the one trapped.


  • RAJKUMMAR RAO – He is convincing and is able to carry this film solely by himself because there is not much else to it apart from one being trapped. He acting is a believable portrayal of one being stuck in a room, shows the emotions, blood, sweat, tears and even fear is there. His body language, expressions, frustration all end up luring your attention to the film much more. His actions take you on to a nail-biting feel, seeing Rao makes you too feel imprisoned. You feel sorry for him with what he encounters, what he deals with and how he bares the environment and trauma.


We rate TRAPPED 4/5. Trapped is a thrilling encounter with a man on route to escapism after being trapped. The film gives us enough content in delivering one’s quest and struggle. The director has managed to showcase an engaging, suspenseful, strategic film and that has been contributed by some fine acting performance by the lead star Rajkummar Rao. With a cliché plot, you hope for an alternative outcome, but what works extremely well is the acting and the way the filmmaker has compellingly with limited scope of props, has still managed to create a powerful film. It will keep you on the edge from start to end, it has no distractions in the screenplay and that makes it an engaging view. Watch Trapped as it will keep you feeling involved and trapped with the actor on this survival effort.