Badrinath Ki Dulhania is directed by Shashank Khaitan, starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. The film revolves around the chemistry and efforts between Badri and Vaidehi. Badri (played by Varun Dhawan) is from a rich family but does not allow such label to justify him, he is humble and decent and his only concentration is to get married to a beautiful girl that he met at a party. Vaidehi (played by Alia Bhatt) has other ideas, future plans and objectives to fulfil so marriage is not on her mind. Will this become a battle for Badri to win what he wants and will that make it hard for Vaidehi to focus on her goals or will love win against all.


  • The main leads Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt sparkle on screen with their chemistry. This has to be one of the biggest pointers from the film before analysing anything else. They have always looked great together previously and no doubt that they attract the attention in making you wanting to watch this film. They have the ability to make the scripted look realistic as the typical boy and girl love encounter. The supporting leads, without them the film would not have the effect that it did. They were brilliant, as much as you want to keep watching Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, you end up missing the supporting acts. Sahil Vaid playing the best friend of Varun Dhawan, their on-screen presence together is a laughing riot whilst Shweta Basu Prasad has a quieter role in comparison to Sahil, but she manages to tag along with Alia nicely.
  • With social messages scripted in this entertainer, the film juggles those subject matters through the film in an entertainment form and for that the direction was done really well. What the film touches upon is quite realistic what we hear and often see in society today. But that is coated with the amusing and comical humor aspects and that has made this a pleasant watch, without neglecting the important factors of what is important. It still manages to deliver content to help teach the viewers, not that people need anything to learn from it but it hints upon the actions to remind the viewers of what is and what can be to a certain extent. It also gives women the more importance especially focusing on how a woman is career focused rather than wedding and settling down. These elements have been reminded often in the movie and it gives a good feature to a film that is and begins more from the male character’s perspective.
  • As for the writing and screenplay, what stood out was the fact that the film relied on comedy and dialogues. The writers have done well to incorporate the comedy fever as much as possible, whether the film tries or does not tries to add funniness to it, visually it will make the viewers laugh out because of the way Varun and his best friend acted out their roles through their behaviours. The writers also try to raise the mood via emotionally attached scenes and credit needs to be given for the actors managing those scenes and handling them well enough. Music soundtrack is decent and visually complimented well by the on-screen performance. As for music background it is average, some parts it has a huge bearing whilst in other scenes, not so much.


  • The film does not help to correct what you already predict or sense what this film is going to portray in the outcome. The predictability leaves a damper on what was a decent and likeable watch. Once again, another film fails to maintain its grip. The film was well written in the first half, paced satisfactorily and had a bit of everything that keeps you absorbed to the screen. It is the second half that becomes a bit of a bother with the pace being toned down and becoming a drag. The climax is not a saviour for the second half either with a below-par climax to a film which developed impressively throughout. Regardless of the climax being a disappointment and expectable, the characters do keep you following along as they are the best thing from the movie. It is just demoralizing to see films getting off to a fantastic start but less importance seems to be given to the latter stages where the films need to be equally convincing.
  • With the directional efforts, it was decent. The idea and concept was there, some shots utilised were perfect whilst a few are questionable and some leave no major bearing on the narrative as sometimes camera shots do speak more than the action on screen. The editing could have been better, tight finishing on scenes as some sections could easily have been cropped after dialogues were over. It would have saved the movie runtime a bit shorter as the film begins to drag.

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  • VARUN DHAWAN – With his comical timings and eagerness, he once again has strived outstandingly through his performance. His attitude and the type of character being presented keeps you as the viewer engaged and wanting to see more of him as it brings hilarity. He has that childish persona yet the determination is constant from him and that makes it a delightful watch. We get to see so much from Varun, especially with the scenes were emotions run high, he tries and is convincing enough, his character is likeable and does justice to the film as a lover and a guy who has only one motif and that is to win the love. Dhawan nails it on screen as he is given more of the screen space and exploited as the foundation for the interaction. His role varies from a jolly and cheerful character to a broken down and raging individual, he delivered these with such purity and it was eye-catching to view.
  • ALIA BHATT – Sways with her beauty yet stubborn and mind-focused attitude in the film. She brings a bit of that fiery identity where she is not easy to win over and Alia delivered that strong and attractive role perfectly, complimenting it with her expressions. She is impactful with confidence as that allows her to stand firm with her purpose and turns this rom-com into a serious movie at times too. Clear to her preferences, she adds intensity to the screens.


We rate BADRINATH KI DULHANIA 3.5/5The film makes you question with social norms and society issues but at the same time were are presented with a full on entertainment and a story narrative that has so much energy. The film gives a good laugh, family entertainment but it could have done with more crisp and sharper direction and editing to give it so much more impacting drama. The drama was there but it lacked seriousness at times and it never really leaves a dominant impression. Watch this film for the laughs and fun and praiseworthy performances both by the main leads and supporting acts who all collectively have a good involvement to the film.