COMMANDO 2 is directed by Deven Bhojani, starring Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Freddy Daruwala and Esha Gupta in the lead roles. The film follows Commando trained officer assigned to bring back black money to India after the culprit has shipped it out of the country. This will be black money trail encounter with a team but different mind-sets make it into a betrayal aspects for personal gains.


  • Without a doubt, the biggest standout is the lead star Vidyut Jammwal. Ideal actor with the image, the muscular body and skilled attributes to play a commando. He has maintained his role as the lead star from the first instalment. He is fitting and brings in all the confidence that is required for a commando, very thoughtful to ensure he tackles the problems. Even goes at it on his own as he is more assured on his instincts rather than relying on a team.
  • The action sequences are the best thing for the film, performed cleverly, maintained and superbly presented on screen to keep you as the viewer on the edge of your seats because it was simply too good. Creative visuals have been utilised. There was an ideal camera editing of split screen exploited. This was very effective and useful to use. Also, camera tracking shots were exciting too at some points that helped to build up more suspense even if it was minimal. The best camera shot  was saved towards the climax, it was the POV shot coming from the perspective of the shooter. This was complimented well in the action scene with the background music.
  • The story concept has potential, we get glimpses of what usually is tagged with the action genre, mastermind, strategies and suspecting, so that was appealing to watch too. The director may have struggled at the start but he manages to do better just before the interval. The double crossing and twists in the film actually does good to a film that would have failed if it wasn’t for Vidyut, action sequences and the twists in the movie.


  • With the way the film has been promoted, the action encounters are a selling point for this film, but it seemed to lack pace through the film. The film needed plenty more clashes to keep you focused to the film where a concept is interesting but the execution is poor. The film opens with a big action scene, but during the progress of the movie it is neglected as there is more talk and less fist to fist encounters.
  • As for the screenplay, it will disappoint you as it is slow with the build-up. Despite the script being better in the second half, the first half needed to be stronger and keep you lured within. The film is not gripping enough to keep you lured in, with a strong subject matter, the film lacked strong implementation. Having said that, the background scoring for the film does not pave heavy significance to it. Music tends to build tension, in this film it is minimal and your attention glares more upon the characters and scene rather than with the background music.



  • VIDYUT JAMMWAL – Carries the film on his shoulders. He tries his utter best to leave some kind of achievement for a film that struggled to leave a substantial affect to the viewers. He is sharp, proficient, determined and confident individual who battles for a liking. His way of handling missions may not be the way assigned for the team, but his ways are opposite yet effective as that makes it more interesting. His agility is unquestionable, he does his own stunts and that does justice to the movie as he has a likeable screen presence to bring some kind of intensity.
  • FREDDY DARUWALA – Strict and serious, he was an interesting inclusion to create some authority to the mission and as well ppulls of a twist plot perfectly. His expressions remain same in the film which go along with how his character becomes in the film.
  • ADAH SHARMA – Her comical character brings a bit of humour to this film that tries to be serious. As much as you question her character’s attitude and inclusion into this team, she soon becomes a likeable character. Very fashionable and standout from the rest with her love for designer brands and funny behaviour, but she does get the work done that is required eventually.
  • ESHA GUPTA – Surprised how her character is given development in the film. She does well in showing an alternative role in the film and was a delight to watch. It helped to make a twist to the film and something that you would not expect. Apart from that she is shown pretty as always, my only disappointment with her would be that her screen presence does not build suspense, it only shocks you but does not really ignite the screen.


We give COMMANDO 2 2/5. The film heavily relies on vidyut Jammwal character and his action. Rightly so he does justice to this film where the rest struggles to be on Vidyut’s efforts. What you miss from Commando 1 is that Vidyut’s character was a one-man fighter and for that there was more surge to the genre whilst with Commando 2, with many characters it tries to adjust to each character’s persona and that leaves the importance of the genre aside. The film starts off slow but pre-interval builds up more necessity but not enough has been incorporated. Watch it for Vidyut Jammwal, a fine actor and a couple of well-choreographed action sequences. The story overall is average, but not too bad in making you avoid the film as the twists will wrap up the film on a better ending than what you first imagined.