JOLLY LL.B 2 is written and directed by Subhash Kapoor, starring Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Saurabh Shukla and Annu Kapoor in the lead roles. Jolly LL.B 2, the sequel to the national award winning film Jolly LLB will see Jolly (Akshay Kumar) take up a huge case where he will fight against the corrupt and the powerful. The fight for what is right will not be an easy one for Jolly as he will realise he will be the last man standing up for justice against injustice.


  • From the promos, you gather the fact that this shall be an enjoyable courtroom drama and of course, Akshay Kumar will be layering comical acts throughout. That is exactly what happens and it is a joy to watch. The team has done remarkably well in making sure that despite all the laughable moments, they still remain serious when needed. That has been executed brilliantly in the writing department. Subhash Kapoor succeeds to script the film in waves, it seems well packaged. There is enough content to keep you tagging along with the film as it unfolds. Performances were power-packed, whether it was the funny moments or the serious situation, each character has been revealed with confidence and an aura of nurturing this courtroom drama into a spectacle.
  • What works really fine is the direction, the director has coped with balancing the serious moments perfectly along with inputs of comedy circumstances. It changes the balance slightly to give it a mixture of emotions and that appears to do justice to it. Dialogues are outstanding, well written and narrated. The courtroom interactions are the best thing about the film where Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla and Akshay Kumar are in frame because it keeps you enticed to it. The dialogues are noteworthy, meaningful and a few that you just have to admire because of the way Akshay Kumar performs them with his expressions and with a believable act.
  • Nothing fancy has been visualised, in fact, the director attempts to keep a realistic surrounding. Glamour in the film would have taken the edge of the strong subject matter. Despite the use of songs being pointless especially the dance number, everything else in the film is fitting and screened with considerable realism.


  • I personally felt that courtroom scenarios should have occupied with a few point of view perspective shots of characters to help build more tension. It would have been appropriate to operate these camera shots in ensuring how intense the drama situation is becoming. This was lacking and it would have been good to involve this in to the creative side of the movie.
  • Certain parts of the film became a drag and a few pointless scenes included that pave no importance to the plot.  The film could have utilised alternatives for example in the first movie, the out of courtroom living lifestyle was in jeopardy for the lawyer, but in this film, not much has been put into reflection. Yes, there are scenes outside, the victim’s family, the lawyer’s wife and kid, an incident planned to sabotage the lawyer for fighting the case. But was it enough to help the viewer sense trouble is around the corner for the lawyer and his family? Slightly there is but it never gets elaborated further, this takes off some of the seriousness as it failed to show what the first movie paved importance to very heavily.


  • AKSHAY KUMAR – Another fine performance by Akshay Kumar. He brings the humour to the courtroom, his silly antics and methods of questioning are superb. Just his presence on screen is enough to keep your focus to the film even when it begins to drag. Akshay always accomplishes with bringing a firm closure dialogue in his movies, that scene gave goosebumps when he delivered his final dialogue in the courtroom. Overall, he is fantastic, his expressions and voice is convincing, it brings out his powerful persona in leaving a mark in the court.
  • HUMA QURESHI – Given less screen space, she tags along in the shadows of Akshay and tries her utter best to have a bearing. She required more impactful scenes but despite that she does enough to hang around. The screenplay does not really allow her to get out of her character’s comfort zone as playing the second fiddle. She remains in the side lines and that does not give her the platform to grace the screens with the superb acting talent that she has.
  • SAURABH SHUKLA – One of the highlights in the Jolly films, Saurabh is an absolute joy to watch. He performed brilliantly in the first movie and has resumed his excellent act into the second film as the judge. Without him the courtroom will hang on the shoulder of Akshay completely, but Saurabh with his timely sarcasm at times and humorous performance during serious moments is a standout. As much as you try not to take his presence in a comical way, you just can’t help but to smirk when seeing him deliver his dialogues because he is just so good at it, you can’t take him seriously. His entry is one to cherish, his dialogues will only bring a smile. He really kept the dragging court battle into an hilarious saga.
  • ANNU KAPOOR – Portrayed with experience and over-confidence, he is strong and stubborn with his role. He battles with Akshay and Saurabh nicely, even his interaction encounters are building up tension with the judge too. He was persistent and till the very end, his character’s persona never changed.


Overall I would rate JOLLY LL.B 2 film 3.5/5. The intelligent mind of the director has assured that comedy never neglected the courtroom despite the moments being tense. Although a few flaws, particularly with the length and drag of the film during the post-interval, this film was a good entertainer. A good effort by the team to compliment what the perfect work the first film did. The performances were a standout, praiseworthy acting by the stars, they really worked well together on screen and their inclusions did justice to the screenplay. Dialogues are notable, well-written and delivered timely to a great effect. A earnest attempt that deserves credit, collectively the Jolly team have made a likeable film.