KAABIL is directed by Sanjay Gupta, starring Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Rohit Roy and Ronit Roy in the lead roles. This is the story of a man who lived, laughed and loved just like everyone in this world. Until one day, a terrible tragedy struck. Driven by the fire of vengeance, nothing will stop him. Not even the fact that he has been blind since birth.


  • The film needed something different in making sure it does not become the typical cliché movie due to the awareness associated with a blind character and revenge storylines. Kaabil does so much in trying to alter the viewers’ attention, keeping you guessing, adding twists and turns. It had a bit of it all and that is what makes it a pleasant watch. The story keeps moving forwards but with diversions. The first and second half transitions smoothly, paced well and does not feel dragged at all.
  • What also stood out the most were the dialogues; one-liners are satisfying and admirable whilst character interactions power along with the drama. Mixture of humour and plentiful striking dialogues helped to build up the tension. Hrithik Roshan outshines the rest of the cast with his acting ability and especially his dialogues as they are the ones that are noteworthy. As for the screenplay, it takes distressing incidents to makes this into the thriller that it became with so many violent moments. It was gripping, fierce and at one point you feel for the ones who suffered as it is emotional and saddening with what transpires prior to the retaliation drama.
  • Collectively, the cast were phenomenal. The acting was brilliant; the performances were stirring and each individual inputted an act that you will remember even after the movie is over. From the main leads and to the villains, they all did justice to the intense and emotions of such storyline.
  • Directional aspects the director has used sumptuous visual shots to help narrate the story further through sentiment in this retribution saga, there were glimpses of grief, whether it comes from the character’s expressions or the way the cinematography was being built up prior to the action that unfolded. The film was informative in teaching you how a blind individual dealt with such scenarios. It was strategically compiled making this a thought-provoking. Enough visuals were evident in keeping you focused to the screen, it hardly allows your attention to unsettle from what is happening. The action is fantastic, conflicting, fist to fist fights, explosions and the entertainment being built up through background music was perfect.


  • The script, although being spirited and mighty, it had the good bits for the thrills, but there were features that make you question and judge the writer’s inability to erase any flaws. As a viewer, there were a few mistakes that were obvious and as much as you try to neglect it from Kaabil, it was hard to ignore because it reoccurs several times. The concerns are more of an issue with the strategies utilised by Hrithik’s character. If these pointers were eliminated, then personally Kaabil would have taken full marks.



  • HRITHIK ROSHAN – Hrithik presents an amazing performance, he never failed to liven up the screen. Carries out a well-presented act taking in the art of depicting a blind character. His dialogue delivery, facial expressions, action and simply being able to be the bright spark in this story. His existence is worthy that you want it to remain throughout in the film, we get sights of pure talent as he unquestionably nails his role on occasions. Standout act would be the part of showing hurt and pain, the way he grasps the moments, he never failed to keep your attention glued to the movie. From rendering himself as a man of loving someone that means the world to him, he handled it with finesse in exhibiting no mercy when seeking revenge.
  • YAMI GAUTAM – Surprised with her performance as she does not allow herself to sink within the shadows of Hrithik Roshan. Acted side by side, making her role memorable and not forgotten in a film that had so much to intake. Such simplicity and likeable act, she works as the charm and even in the latter stages of the film, her inclusion helps to tone down the intensity to bring in calmness. Overall she executed well and deserves credit for putting herself out there to be visible and not forgotten in a male dominated movie.
  • RONIT ROY – A fiery and convincing politician dictating power and control. His villain type persona really left a mark and his dominance to stand in the way between the guilty and the revenge seeker was great to watch. The expressions that he portrayed were engaging, truly helped to make the film move forward with eagerness from an audience viewpoint.
  • ROHIT ROY – The one who needs his brother to support and get him out of problems. He was intimidating with his childish behaviour and inappropriate involvement at times. He does not disappoint at all, allows the film to build up from him. He was strong and provoking, probably has the lesser screen space amongst others but showed enough and does justice to the film.


Overall, I would rate KAABIL 4/5. An action packed, expressively wrenched and commendable performances make Kaabil a must watch. At first the expectations are that it will be the typical cliché blind saga and revenge seek type of movie, but what the filmmakers have done is to nurture this into a thrilling, gripping and eye-catching package as that allows this to be an engaging spectacle. The story needed to be different and that is exactly what occurs, there a few flaws but that does not take away from what Kaabil gives to the viewers. Despite the setbacks in the script, it seems as if Kaabil has all the elements to overshadow the flaws as it provides enough positive display to cherish. There is heavy drama with such sensitive topic, the action is never ending in the latter stages. Full of energy scattered in the movie. The cast collectively are impressive, everyone put in a share of hard work and attractive involvement. Hrithik Roshan is the main man and without a doubt he deserves a standing ovation for being Kaabil. Go watch Kaabil, it will change your pre-expectations as it surely changed my viewpoint during the viewing. Worthy film that deserves credit from choice of topic, filmmaking creation and performances were top-notch.