OK JAANU is directed by Shaad Ali and it stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles. The story is based on two lovers who are not keen on marriage and opt for a relationship where their careers will be their first priority. Watch OK Jaanu to find out if love will stand in the way of their career ambitions, or do they stick to their mentality of a live-in relationship and not consider marriage.


  • Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor back on screen together after Aashiqui 2, their pairing is great and they fend off each other quite fine with satisfactory acting. Suitable and balance each other pleasantly. They portray youthfulness quite well, their actions and tantrums, disagreements and gullible romantic moments, ensures they keep the feeling of young love alive in this whilst showing the battles that their mentality will have in dealing with what occurs around them with decision making.
  • The dialogues penned by Gulzar is decent enough, some attractive dialogues have been narrated to add a tad-bit more of a chemistry to the on-screen pair of Adi and Tara. What also stands out the most are the dialogues that have been created for the character of Naseeruddin Shah, a senior character with a thoughtful tone helps to add so much more emphasises on the story. As an audience, you probably would appreciate his character way more than the actual leads, because of the significance and motive that the senior brings in. You just can’t help to ignore Shah from the movie and want to see much more of him. The music also is likeable, A. R. Rahman works his creativity in producing attractive music for the movie, the insert of the soundtrack in the movie does justice to the theme and feelings.
  • The idea of conveying the altercations between love and career, I felt that the director has tried to show enough, the problems, the decisions and consequences. The transitioning from these phases were steady enough and helps to lure you in as it emerges when watching on screen.


  • The film is predictable from the word ‘go’. The trailer gave it away and you sit there in hope for a different outcome. Just when the different outcome is coming in, it becomes predictable again. The screenplay despite being well structured, lacked diversions, it needed something different from the typical cliché concepts associated with lovers and no commitments. The attempts in trying to add tension hardly picks up, it never shrugs off the fact that the common concept is showing nothing different.
  • The characters despite looking great, lacked the intensity where it was required the most. The funny and relaxed behaviour, with no stress related emotion scenes were perfectly fine, it’s the dramatic scenarios where emotions are running high, the characters did not get that impactful result on screen, their characters needed more of a bearing to the screenplay in those scenes in particular, they showed glimpses of being able to lure themselves into a dramatic moment, but it felt as if they did not grasp it completely enough.
  • The story was catchy, but lacked execution with the plot. What also falters is that the film shows potential but the director only touches upon the scenes and fails to dig deep in layering more drama when ensuring the youths deal with their problems. It tends to get forgotten when the next scene tries to build up, it has a missing link where the magic did not remain. The story also neglects the career ambitions to a wider perception, very little has been touched on their careers, less for Shraddha’s character in particular. The motive of their live in relation was solely upon their career, that was neglected and not given enough consideration in the movie.



  • ADITYA ROY KAPUR (Adi) – His childish attitude is decent to watch, funny and brings the amusement to the screen. Having him on screen, you can somewhat sense that he will bring something silly and likeable. He performs exceptionally well when he has to deal with Shraddha being sarcastic and serious, Aditya begins to dread what is happening and that is something that is entertaining to watch. Would have liked to have seen more elevation when dealing with the emotionally serious scenes.
  • SHRADDHA KAPOOR (Tara)  – Shraddha does well in creating that slight bit of tension with her presence in the situation. She is lively and feeds off some entertainment when the scenes were dull, she simply helps to brighten them up. Her ways of winding up Aditya Roy Kapur is pleasant, she teases him making him stress out.
  • NASEERUDDIN SHAH – With bags of acting experience, he shows how an actor can add an extra emphasises to the scene, even if the scene is failing to grab your attention. He was excellent with his performance; expressions were believable and did justice to the type of feeling that is occurring within the scene. You would like to see more of his character as that helps to nurture the fellow casts who at times were good but not able to grasp the viewers’ attention.


Overall I would rate OK Jaanu 2.5/5. The film is light and the persistence of a heavy bearing with such concept seemed missing. The acting front it was decent, the main leads did their bit but maybe due to the script, their characters failed to evolve and rejuvenate when needed to be. The story does alternate towards a more serious moment slightly and that is where the characters needed to be developed along with it. The director has tried to portray a easy-going film, but the execution was not dramatic enough, it became predictable and nothing new. It is a one-time watch, enjoy it for the characters, one with the youth and the other with the older generation. You’d sense that the film will give you something to walk away with? Not really, there isn’t anything that we have not seen before.