DANGAL is directed by Nitesh Tiwari, starring Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra, Zaira Wasim and Suhani Bhatnagar. The film is a biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat who taught wrestling to his daughters Geeta and Babita. Daughters went on to win gold medals, an achievement still cherished highly. But what is more impressive apart from the screenplay and the acting, the film portrays females in a strong manner on screen. Prepare yourself for an emotional journey from a determined father and daughters who set out to do what is required. The film is powerful, enthralling and a spectacle that will leave you speechless, a story that needed to be told of how determination, greed, desire and a dream was finally achieved in the family as traces of their journey are picturised by Nitesh Tiwari.


  • Dangal paves a convincing and praiseworthy representation of females, the efforts towards trying to show equality and breaking the gender stereotypes needs to be applauded highly. Dangal allows women to step out to accomplish things within a society that would tend to not associate them with the way the film depicted females. This was remarkably virtuous and throughout the viewing experience, it was evident in making sure that females continued their journey in breaking the typical norms and defy the odds to what the society in the movie were wrongly associating them with, which is being raised for being future housewives. The encouragement should be taken positively that men should not be treated superior than woman. 
  • Collectively it was a well packaged film where each character played a notable role. Their performances were likeable, whether in a comedy moment or an emotional serious situation, it was attractive, they made it an enjoyable watch. Usually you would expect within a movie starring Aamir Khan, that he would carry the film on his shoulders on his own, but in Dangal, it was a combined effort by all those involved. With phases in the film, the use of different characters, the director and writers have done exceptionally well in ensuring the characters leave a memorable mark throughout the movie.  
  • As a whole, the film was well scripted. In particular, the wrestling competition. It was built up with good intensity and that remained right through within the match itself and the post-match scenes. This was vital as it did not allow distractions as that usually happens as filmmakers fail to input continuity with it. The first half had emotional attachment but it kept getting broken down with hysterical and comical humour. The second half became more serious and rightly so as the competition built up. But even here the filmmakers incorporated good sense of humour at times to add more meaning to the characters. Dialogues were so impressive, there will be many dialogues that as an audience you will walk away reminiscing. They were timely played in by the characters. 
  • On the creative side, the film does not experiment too much with camera angles, the simplicity is faultless and still gripping enough to showcase sentiments and tension at times. The background score is layered in perfectly towards complimenting the action as it keeps you grappled in what unfolds. Music soundtrack is catchy and adds strength to help the build-up.


  • The film was fantastic and really difficult to single out any negatives, but to a minimal, they only thing that would make you question anything at the end was the mother. The film was crying out for a mother to stand in the way of ones quest, the mother’s character could have had more bearing on supporting the girls rather than neglecting it all to the father. In terms of supporting the girls, just mothers comforting could have added more dimension to it because a mother’s attachment to her kids is beyond unquestionable. 



  • AAMIR KHAN (Mahair Singh Phogat) – Mr.Perfectionist dominates in the serious father figure in nurturing his daughters into heroes. He is clinical, excels with his experience on controlling the screen. Does nothing wrong in the film, ranges with a variety of emotions and feelings, battles as he grows older in the film. Never once does his acting slow down despite him ageing. His desperation allows him to empower on camera, maintains his acting credentials even though this can be labelled as a challenging role for him due to the excessive weight gain for his character. The development of his character in the film sparks at all times, keeps his seriousness throughout and gives glimpses of a smile. Magnificent performance, hard to pin point anything to dislike from his acting in Dangal.
  • SAKSHI TANWAR (Daya Shobha Kaur) – Plays the side support role of the mother figure and despite minimal screen time, she puts in a worthy performance. At times she begins to give her concern as a mother, but never allows that to derail her husband’s motive. It would have been good to see more from her perspective, but that was difficult as the film gets narrated more from the husband and the daughters as it is their journey.
  • FATIMA SANA SHAIKH (Geeta Phogat) –  Future is bright for this young star, she excelled as the daughter to succeed in the journey that her father set her out for. Showed a range of acting credentials, from motivated, to serious and emotional act. She manages to stand along with an actor like Aamir Khan on-screen and not sink in his shadows. Influences by handling the screen space and was great to watch doing justice to Geeta. 
  • SANYA MALHOTRA (Babita Kumari) – Playing second fiddle to her older sister, she does not get exactly same amount of screen time as Geeta but she tags along on-screen. Just like her co-star she does well in her role and was just as entertaining to watch as her sister who both showed determination and fight to succeed. 
  • SUHANI BHATNAGAR (Young Babita) & ZAIRA WASIM (Young Geeta) – Both these young girls played a delightful role, they were enertaining and provided that sense of humor as young girls who have no interest to become wrestlers. Their dialogues were helpful in providing them to shine in the first phase of the film. Such young actors and it seemed so natural when they performed, it was enjoyable to take a bit of the seriousness away. 


Overall I would give Dangal 5/5. Top marks for such a phenomenal film that keeps you focused from start to end, even with a slightly stretched movie runtime, it never allows your attention to getaway. The story was thought-provoking, if you have no knowledge of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his children, then this film justifies enough material in teaching you the cause behind Dangal film. The screenplay was balanced, the script is intriguing as it does not let your focus shift . The director has ensured to balance both the acting and wrestling scenes with a smooth transition, it was paced exceptionally well. The cast show flashes of promising talent, each and everyone single supporting act inputted their part with a praiseable role and deserve so much credit, especially those young kids. Aamir Khan proves once again, he can do no wrong, especially the scenes where he breaks down, it will make you teary-eyed. Majority of the acting seemed so natural, nothing exaggerated and excessive, that made it an enticing view. Go watch Dangal, you will not regret it. A completely packaged film that does not disappoint at all, will leave you speechless and wanting to watch more it.