BEFIKRE is written, produced and directed by Aditya Chopra and it stars Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in the lead roles. The film is a modern love entertainer where Dharam (played by Ranveer Singh) moves to Paris in search for progression with his career profession as a stand-up comedian. He maintains his image as a stud looking for hook ups as that also gives him happiness. He meets Shyra (played by Vaani Kapoor) a tour guide who is wild and stands up for herself. She is an Indian girl born in France who embarks on this sensual romance with Dharam, their personalities match as they are care free and give zero importance in life to the serious matters. They go out on daring each other and do silly things that light up their chemistry but they have a story, they used to be a couple. Can these exes who once were together remain as friends or will they reunite as a couple

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  • From a traditional DDLJ to a modern love film like Befikre, Aditya gives the love story a twist with sensuality, care free walk of life. This film is cliché and you sense what will transpire but what keeps you attracted to it are the antics that these two characters get up to that adds the pleasant thrill to the movie. Adding the French identity to this Indian film makes the viewing much more exciting in this hook up, break up and friendship again type of film. What really stood out was the way the filmmakers have incorporated the 2 stories together. For example, the present moments and flashbacks and then showing the present moment again. It was clever the way it was displayed. Within the script, some dialogues were notable and impressive.
  • Without a doubt the inclusion of the chosen actors have a significant bearing ln how much you end up loving this film. Ranveer Singh is full of energy blossoming on screen and tagging Vaani Kapoor along with him on this care free, daring and sensual adventure of theirs. Both spark on screen and are wonderful to watch as they ensure you never get bored of them. The chemistry looks great; you never once consider to hate them because they do no such thing to frustrate.
  • The location set up is one to admire. It was marvellous to see such backgrounds that embraces to the screen with the actors. The creative direction of photography also needs to be credited for utilising such scenery to add a value in some way. The cinematography was a standout; Paris was enriched even more than what it already is. The music is thoroughly enjoyable, every track implicates the feel that the film is exhibiting, a mixture of genres and emotions through the songs are complimented well by the visual narration, thumbs up for music. With the kind of music created, choreography needs to be just as good and better, the actors and dancers conjure up well together and portray attractive performances with the music.

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  • With such convincing acts, the script was average and I do not feel it levelled up with the action on screen. Aditya may have been missing several scenes that are spectacularly a stand out whilst there are scenes that could have been avoided as they simply have no emotional attachment when watching. If setting a benchmark with DDLJ with the prospect of love, well Befikre gave flashes but failed to remain due to the lack of innovation with the script, too many flaws leave the film edging of the cliff but it is saved with the acting. The second half drags and creates a distracted feel with a below-par climax, it never quiet continues from the first half of consistency and well-paced flow. With such buzz around the build-up, you would be expecting a solid script, but we only get glances of good scriptwriting, there are parts where you sense the unimportance of some dialogues and the lack of development goes missing during the progression of the film. It is a good effort but it could have been even more better, it also gets too foreseeable as well as signs of concepts from other existing Bollywood movies. Maybe the efforts all went to nurturing the characters more instead of the script itself, as the performance was strong yet the story was weak.
  • With such antics being carried out by the characters in Paris with all the dares and silly moments, as much as it was good to watch, it makes you question the realism of it all. How are laws and consequences being neglected? It is a film and cinema is made for factual or constructed concepts, but it is hard to avoid thinking of the seriousness that comes with it and Befikre manages to avoid all of it.
  • One thing that really stood out in a negative approach when watching this film was the vulgar representation towards women. The concept of the film is of such type and of course cinema is made for entertainment but you just can’t help to avoid thinking of such issue being raised in your minds. The director Aditya Chopra gave us one of the best love stories with DDLJ but we are now given a modern version of the love angle with care free actions by both the male and female characters.



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Outstanding performance who is a delight to watch. He is full of liveliness and is an enjoyment to watch. He keeps the viewers smiling at all times, he never puts in a dull show and this has to go down as the highlight for the film. He is childish, mad and cheesy at times with all his character’s antics and expressions, he is the brightest of sparks. His appearance enhances the viewing experience, not a single moment where he becomes a bore. He makes the movie worth watching. His comical timings are well executed.


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Her character compliments well with Ranveer when combined on screen, both characters have similar behaviours and that fits well. She is strong and shines on screen, stands on her own and gels with the childish character of Ranveer. She becomes the serious figure amongst the two but she does justice in the relationship and delivers a likable show. She seems composed whilst Ranveer is in his normal childish behaviour, she can carry out the stern figure quite well.


I would rate Befikre 2.5/5. It was fun and entertaining; it was evidently a time pass with full of energy being surfaced on screen. But it is the script that leaves you questioning Aditya Chopra’s efforts of coming out of his comfort zone to deliver a modern love concept. The intention was clear, a modern love angle but it is the creative department in writing that stutters it from excelling. The performances, cinematography and locations as well as music deliver strongly, you will like these but the importance of a story was not composed well enough. In fact, it is weird to say this but rather than the screenplay, it is the other elements that savours the movie into being watchable. Despite a lacklustre script, the film keeps in place and becomes a decent watch for a time pass, as it is the good looks of the visuals that showcase something worth likeable. A final note on the actors, I don’t think there could or would have been a better choice than Ranveer who absolutely nails it with Vaani kapoor.