Sultan packs a punch with solid performances and a script that gives out sparks with the drama that lies within a man, a wrestler and a husband’s quest to win back what he once had. The first half provides key pointers in the journey of Sultan and Aarfa and the problems they all face in their private lives whilst they chase their dreams in the sport of wrestling. The second half becomes more of a personal battle for Sultan who suffers with the pain and chases his last bit of dignity in winning back what he once had in life as a family man. This film manages to unfold all kinds of drama that will leave you intensely glued to the screen.


  • The script is a captivating one that lures the audiences with a touching tale behind 2 wrestlers whom combine together for a future. The script had a good blend of activity with drama that not only shocks you but also leads you appreciating one man’s efforts and willpower in getting what he wants. The dialogues were a standout; you can always expect one-liners from a Salman Khan movie to become outstanding ones. No doubt, some dialogues will become memorable catchphrases amongst the audiences. The dialogues will bring humor and some dialogues may just add a touch of emotion. Two stories, one of the sport and the other of the love. Not all good things stay forever as that is what was depicted in this film. It was emotionally layered leaving an insightful film to watch with drama and tragedy indulged in this engaging movie.
  • The story gives significant emphasis towards women in a positive limelight. In this movie where a statement also tries to down grade a woman’s status in a very male controlled sport such as wrestling. Anushka is given a strong presence in with the sport as well as in the life of Sultan. This was great to see that a film that has the face of Salman Khan, the assumption was that he would be utilized majority of the time to help carry the film, but overall it was a collective performance together.
  • As for the cast, each of the main leads put in a praiseworthy act, they were a pleasure to watch, leaving you as an audience only wanting to see much more of them throughout. Salman Khan who often carries the burden of a movie on his shoulders, this time had an equally standout co-star who throws a punch with her acting credentials. Anushka Sharma paved a blissful role whilst Randeep Hooda portrayed the darkness in the film which allows shades of light in the life of Sultan during Randeep’s, brief spell of screen space.


  • With the wrestling tournament having a substantial bearing on the remainder of the movie, it seemed far too sudden and thrown at the screen with lack of intensity which seemed to be missing. So much drama was going on the personal life of Sultan, but during the viewing experience almost to shift towards more of a sporting event all of a sudden. It had a build but not a pivotal one that would lure you into the tournament along with Sultan. It seemed as if we are watching a different film when it pops up on the screen, which later changes as drama returns of Sultan within the match. The wrestling matches in the second half needed more of a buildup and emotions which seemed lacking.
  • An almost 3 hours long movie with a first half that was well-written, it didn’t get a good enough follow up in the second half. The first half seemed more realistic with more feelings attached to it whilst the second half becomes an uneven end with unrealistic wrestling games that can only make you as a viewer sense that through all the professional wrestlers ahead, it will come to a cliché and believable end, that is exactly what happens. I was expecting a glimpse of something totally different but the climax leaves a quick and cliché end to a film that was really well written prior to the major wrestling tournament.


  • SALMAN KHAN (Sultan) – Salman Khan once again is the face of the movie who gives an exciting performance that you can simply just sit back and admire as he brings the entertainment and emotion on screen perfectly. We get glimpses of phases with Sultan, a well-trained, then unfit and overweight individual but proves again that he still has the purpose in himself. It was complete performance from Salman as he enters the movie with a bang and walks out with one too. His comical moments remain with him, he almost single-handedly manages to wipe out any tension and stress that is being built up on screen that an audience may experience watching. You just can’t help but in wanting to see much more of Salman Khan when he is not on screen. Praiseworthy performance and one you will cherish throughout.
  • ANUSHKA SHARMA (Aarfa) –  A fine performance by Anushka, one that you can applaud for being showcased as a strong independent with the willpower to seek her goals. Also at first a bit fiery but later gels in well with Salman Khan adding a good on screen romantic chemistry between the two. She dominates when on screen, dialogue delivery was notably a good one. Anushka manages to layer herself on screen along with the Sultan Salman Khan. She does not fade away, she manages to put in a striking performance to make her a major influence in a film that is indulged with emotion and drama.
  • RANDEEP HOODA –  With limited screen space, a supporting role towards the latter of the film, Randeep nails it with his 20-odd minutes on screen with his performance proving to add a touch of freshness and change from what we have been seeing. He has a slick persona of a coach. He manages to stand tall against Salman Khan and pave his own presence in over-shadowing Salman for that brief spell and he does this really well. A small performance like this is the type that leaves you thinking much more off towards the end, if only he was given more screen space to deliver much more of self-believing and overly confident character.     

Overall I would rate Sultan 4/5. Actually enthralled with this film that manages to collaborate both a film concept and a sport concept into one script and manages to produce a worthy watch. The story had a touch of everything from sport, love, drama, tragedy and it also manages to slot in parts of believing and chasing dreams. The cast support the film with perfection as Salman Khan and Anushka Khan prove to be a valuable pairing on screen in portraying a dominating role. This film is firstly for all the Salman Khan fans, as you get so much of him on screen, secondly the film gives away a good message of being nothing turning towards chasing your dreams to becoming something. Go watch Sultan as it is a likeable family film that you will surely want to watch more than once.