FAN is directed by Maneesh Sharma and it stars Shahrukh Khan in the lead role-playing both as Aryan and the character of Gaurav. A fan that is crazed by the role model the idol and the superstar. But what happens when a fan has his first meet up with the star and it turns sour? Fan movie embarks on that journey and the outcome. The trailer showed enough for you as an audience to walk in knowing what to expect.

First half of the film starts off light-hearted and then turns dramatic enough to keep you lured ahead for the remainder of it. First half shows Gaurav’s journey of being the number 1 fan and his path of achieving his dreams of meeting his idol. Pre-interval it was a mixture of humor and tense scenes that helped gather this film to be two sided. The second half becomes a thriller with action implemented to the film but begins to derail with loopholes in the script that leaves the film to be questioned. But apart from the script, the performance was a pleasure to watch.

– The idea was an eye raiser amongst the many. The film was questioned and so was Shahrukh’s strategy of doing a movie on him. But what the film specially tries to deliver is a strong message about fans that begin to see their life only around a star. The movie conveyed the message really strongly giving us the rise and fall of a fan as well as the consequences that a star would face and how he would have to deal with it. The dialogues were a good standout in the creative department of the film; the one-liners and notable dialogues impressed leaving it a delightful viewing experience. The cinematography showcased some exciting viewing shots to compliment the emotion running through the star in the scenes.

– On the acting front, the main star, Shahrukh Khan delivers a fine performance both as Aryan and as Gaurav. Playing the double role, he manages to put in a strong presentation and giving this film two sides for the viewers. Despite the unbalanced script, the star himself manages to carry the film to a decent watch. You get to witness Shahrukh Khan playing two roles, which may just be a bonus for the die-hard fans. But from a film analyses perspective, Shahrukh Khan proves to be the positive in making this questionable film a success to a certain extent.

– The background scoring in the film helps to push the film forward with more in particular with the tension rising scenes. Credit must go to the composers for adding a helping touch to the film. Where the action is being carried out, the music helped to nurture it much more making it a good battle between the characters.

– A movie that as been creating a huge buzz, anticipation was high and eagerness was built up unquestionably. But it is a shame that a good concept had a poor screenplay. The movie had several scenes that were firstly, a distraction with the likes of handheld camera shot type of videography and secondly, several scenes that seemed needless. Majority of the films have these unrequired scenes, but FAN seemed to of had a tad-bit too many. The editing also needed to be more sharper to help build up more concentration in the serious scenes.

– A major let down with the film was persona of Shahrukh Khan and his stardom power. In the real world a star has enough power to get what he or she wants. Some may query this but many know that anything can be done to avoid or get what they want. Fan movie is a depiction of what problems positively or negatively a star could face and most likely some scenes may have been taken from Shahrukh’s real life. But what the film tries to side step is what a star can do behind closed doors. The film touches upon it slightly through management, security and secretary. But it just seemed so unreal that a huge superstar can’t use his name and brand and power to address to things he needs to in the movie. At a point when fingers get pointed to the real star, surely there is so much more that he and his team can gather to tackle what needs to be said and done.

– The movie was crying out for songs, there was a perfect scene in the film where a slow song could have been incorporated but instead we were given acoustic instrumental backdrop music. It was suitable enough but a scene like that in particular requires vocals with the songs to help bring out more reactions.

– More unrealistic scenes portrayed in the movie towards the status that Shahrukh Khan has. Outside his house thousands of fans stand and cheer in hope of catching a glimpse of the superstar. But only for a huge collection of police officers and security guards keeping fans away from the star. In the movie there are interactions between Aryan and Gaurav, which escalate to longer lengths but security, seem far from the superstar in the movie. There is no way the real star can chase anyone or take a stroll in the area without having his entourage surrounding him to protect him from fans.



– SHAHRUKH KHAN (ARYAN) – The real star represented the way Shahrukh Khan would be both on and off a movie set and into his private life. Despite the film using his celebrity status as the core foundation for this film, it is his fan that delivers the more eye-catching performance. But as a star, this character manages to add the importance of a star to the film, which was set up as light-hearted and purely as a fan obsession. Shahrukh is in his element as a star, showing his work ethics and proving why he is seen as King Khan in the industry.
– SHAHRUKH KHAN (GAURAV) – Every admirer wants to meet their idols and have a story of their first ever meeting as a positive one and not negative. Gaurav played his role so well, that you would feel nervous about putting him ahead of Aryan as the best performer in the film. We all know it is Shahrukh Khan, but the character development both visually and as an actor, Gaurav manages to make this movie a satisfying watch. When things are great, he was good but then things turn sour, he still manages to deliver a performance that you will enjoy. The Delhi boy being a huge fan has his moments of happiness and at times a bit too fascinated. He manages to excel as a fan that idolizes his star and shines as a sharp thinking stalker.


Overall I would rate Fan 3.5/5. The hype was surrounding this movie because of such concept not being utilized much in Indian cinema. That was a standout but it needed more effectiveness from the creative front. The film script was a let down; it was the dullness to this bright movie. The star himself manages to carry the film to an exhilarating encounter between a star and a fan. It has moments where you just appreciate such fine moments, then it adds the sourness to the sweetness by making this film turn in to a battle. What the film tries to expose, was screened well enough to leave that thought to the audience. A decent subject matter with poor execution especially in the second half of the movie, which had the more powerful scenes, was lacking the realism a star would be dealing with, both with the public and with the media.