Bajirao Mastani is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film stars Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles. The story unfolds between battlegrounds on and off the field. A love story blossoms between the leads and that is bound to cause conflicts amongst others around the Bajirao (Ranveer Singh). This all begins when a request made by Mastani (Deepika Padukone) to Bajirao to save her kingdom. Bajirao already married, can’t help but to fall in love with Mastani, leaving Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra) to dwell on what is happening and jealousy erupts amongst the family who are against his demands.


  • Bajirao Mastani proves to be a masterpiece by Sanjay; his directional vision was crisp and portrays a well-crafted production. The film inherits a historical aspect but yet shown in a significant approach in keeping the audiences engaged to the on screen visuals.
  • What does stand out the most is the on screen presence in the way the characters are shown through their appearance and clothing, these were an attraction to see. The dance choreography was fantastic in bringing brilliance to a film that is enriched within a battle kingdom.
  • Praise needs to be given to the on screen cast who showed great capabilities in keeping this dramatic and intense film a worthy watch. Ranveer Singh plays Bajirao character with dominance and he nails his role effortlessly. Mastani character played by Deepika Padukone shows inclusion of pure beauty and a woman who stands tall amongst those who try to dethrone her. Kashi played by Priyanka Chopra is kept within the shadows of Deepika but yet leaves her mark in being one who refuses to take a back seat. Sanjay gives enough screen time to each of the main leads that prove their worth for a film where characters are remembered much more.
  • Along with the positivity of the director and the cast and the script too, credit needs to be given for the filmmaker and film writer for ensuring that women are given a much more of a presence in a movie that should have been and usually often is, male orientated. Script was well written and dialogues are likeable. You will find some appreciative dialogues that you will walk away remembering because they remain with you.



  • Firstly the movie that does so well, happens to have very minimal flaws but these are quiet obvious on screen. The biggest disappointment as a viewer was the ending climax scene that completely tarnishes the whole movies sublime efforts. A better ending was required as it is inserted with less effect.
  • Secondly the on screen computer generated visuals make the film less realistic. As a battle film you want to see realism but the inserted visuals distract the intensity and seriousness of the fight sequences




  • RANVEER SINGH – Ranveer Singh plays probably one of his best performances, he was a fitting character who embarks his own battle with his family to keep what he loves and cherishes the most. What you get to see is Ranveer play various emotions and each emotions in comparison to the scenes, leaves a praiseworthy mark. When he is not present on screen, it leaves you eager in wanting to have him on screen as he turns the scene more dramatic as you wait in anticipation.
  • DEEPIKA PADUKONE – Deepika Padukone is a character you cannot take your eyes off, literally. She is beautifully shown on screen yet she still plays a pivotal role and leaves a good effect on the viewers watching. She has two sides to her, one as a warrior and another as a loving wife and mother. What she does is to keep Ranveer grounded as well as pinpoints an independent and dominant figure to the storyline to some extent.
  • PRIYANKA CHOPRA – Priyanka Chopra plays in the shadows of Deepika, there are glimpses where she begins to take strides beyond Deepika but every time Deepika shows herself on screen, Deepika dominates and Priyanka is left to play second fiddle once again. This is due to the type of characters they individually play, but despite that, Priyanka still does well enough to have a decent effort in the movie.




There are a few standout tracks that really grab the listener’s attention at first. Deewani Mastani sung by Shreya Ghoshal is an immediate favourite. The video gives tribute to a well-crafted song that has been composed. It is presented in waves, highs and lows that allows such song to be a great enjoy. Next up is Ab Tohe Jane Na Doongi is sung by Payal Dev and Shreyas Puranik. The song brings out some romance to the scene; some soft melodies have been included to contribute to the well-sung vocals. Aayat sung by Arijit Singh is another masterpiece by the incredible singer. A slow and then soothing track gives you a pleasured listen. It has the calms and then the increase in emotions not only through lyrics but also by the tune too. Aaj Ibaadat sung by javed Bashir, a brilliant classical number that is a direct like. From first listen you are engaged to the track, beautifully composed and sung with perfection. Overall the soundtrack provides a bit of everything but it depends on your cup of tea with what you like. With the variety of songs, I have managed to pick out several tracks that are a personal like whilst a few songs remain out of my playlist.


Overall, I would rate Bajirao Mastani 4.5/5, the film has a bit of everything in ensuring this historical movie is a must watch in todays generation of audiences in the Indian cinema. Majority of the film has perfection with the exclusion of a few flaws pointed out in the negatives section. What you will walk away with is the cast who perform with excellence. The script is good and dialogues are well written. I recommend to go watch this film as it will keep you on the edge of your seats, not only because of the battle that is created but also the type of love story and chemistry that blossoms in the film to help progress an enticing movie.